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We are building an environment that fosters healing by giving patients and their families choice and control, and offers care providers a compelling place to work. The design of the new procedural platform is forward-thinking with the ability to change. While no one can predict the future, good facility design can enable it. Implementing programmatic innovation today provides the flexibility to be ready for tomorrow.

Chester County Hospital's Procedural Platform

This new procedural platform resonates with the needs of patients, families and medical providers and will support the values of a community-based hospital. The procedural suite allows more space for the most sophisticated medical procedures, provides more personalized care for inpatients, and allows local residents and the surrounding communities to stay close to home to receive the highest quality of care.

Overall Specs:

  • 15 modern Operating Room (OR) suites, including 3 high-tech labs for Catheterization and Electrophysiology and 1 hybrid OR
  • New areas for the Penn Heart and Vascular Center, testing and diagnostics, and pre-procedure testing
  • Expanded space for Central Supply
  • Private prep/recovery rooms
  • Co-location of surgical and interventional procedures for collaboration and future flexibility

New Technology:

Advanced technology

Our new operating rooms, laboratory and Pathology department are equipped with the BDV IDSS OR Integration System. The technology enables providers to have up to 32 imaging devices and 32 display destinations for high definition viewing, capturing and recording. The system also connects teams within and beyond the OR for robust, real-time collaboration, communication, and education.

artis phenoThe hybrid OR suite has cutting-edge robotic imaging with the addition of the ARTIS Pheno. The ARTIS Pheno is a unique floor-mounted robotic C-arm system for individualized preprocedural planning, intraoperative guidance, and immediate checkup- regardless of patient condition, size or procedure complexity.

Click here to learn more about the innovative hybrid OR.

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